Salika Limited was established in 1997. We locate in Tokyo, Japan. To provide a QA translation is at our first goal. We've organized a translator team of specialists to the languages of Europe, Asia and South East Asia since 1998. Now, we are experts at translating documents into many languages. We have also a couple of in-house editors for Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Thai and Burmese. We are providing translations, desktop publishing, web site localization, copywriting (PR/AD), magazine publications and software localization for public agencies, private companies and translation agencies in 10 countries. We've made new contacts with business partners in US, Canada, France, New Zealand, The Netherlands, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia for more than 5 years.

We have a representative office in Rangoon, Burma. We have translators, editors, senior editors, and language advisors there. Therefore, we can help you for all kind of Burmese translation assignments. Please click here for detail of Burmese translation service.